Susan Hefuna


Alicja Dobrucka, Filip Dujardin, Claudio Gobbi, Kathrin Ganser, Antje Guenther, Beate Gütschow, Susan Hefuna, Rolf Julius, Steffi Klenz, Eva Leitolf, Gregor Neuerer, Roselyne Titaud, Thomas Weinberger

February 20 — April 9, 2016
Vernissage: February 19, 2016, 18:00

»… Space. Not so much those infinite spaces, whose mutism is so prolonged that it ends by triggering off something akin to fear, nor the already almost domesticated interplanetary, intersidereal or intergalactic spaces, but spaces that are much closer to hand, in principle anyway: towns, for example, or the countryside, or the corridors of the Paris Métro, or a public park.
We live in space, in these spaces, these towns, this countryside, these corridors, these parks. That seems obvious to us. Perhaps indeed it should be obvious. But it isn’t obvious, not just a matter of course. It’s real, obviously, and as a consequence most likely rational. We can touch …
What’s certain, in any case, ist that at a time too remote no doubt for any of us to have retained anything like a precise memory of it, there was none of all this: neither corridors, nor parks, nor towns, nor countryside. The problem isn’t so much to find out how we have reached this point, but simply to recognize that we have reached it, that we are here. There isn’t one space, a beautiful space, a beautiful space round about, a beautiful space all around us, there’s a whole lot of small bits of space, and one of these bits is a Métro corridor, and another of them is a public park …
In short, spaces have multiplied, been broke up and have diversified. There are spaces today of every kind and every size, for every use and every function. To live is to pass from one space to another, while doing your best not to bump yourself.«
Georges Perec, from the foreword of »Espèces d’espaces«, 1974 (eng. »Species of Spaces«, 1997).

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