Susan Hefuna

Under the earth, the dragons

From Karima Ashadu to Nadia Kaabi-Linke, from Kudra Khademi to Michael Buthe, passing through Otobong Nkanga, the exhibition “Under the Earth, the Dragons” is based on a selection of works from recent acquisitions of the last two years juxtaposed with historical works from the collection as well as two exceptional loans.

It summons fifteen artists of different origins and generations brought together around common inquiries: how to perceive the gap between the visible and the invisible? Between ruin and monument? Between fiction and reality?

Buried tale and narrative, treasure hunt, lost signal, “precious” object, contemporary icons, and methodical excavation compose the multi-medium landscape (drawings, photos, videos, sculptures, installations…) on and beneath the earth of this exploration-shaped exhibition.

* Mohamed Amer Meziane, At the Edge of Worlds Toward a Metaphysical Anthropology, Vues de l’Esprit, 2023.

With: Karimah Ashadu, Michael Buthe, Sérgio Carronha, Jean Clareboudt, Anne Deleporte, Hubert Duprat, Susan Hefuna, Nadia Kaabi- Linke, Kubra Khademi, Ibrahim Mahama, Otobong Nkanga, Claire Roudenko-Bertin, Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum, Capucine Vever Yang Xinguang