Susan Hefuna

Susan Hefuna: Cityscapes

Rhona Hoffman Gallery is pleased to present “Cityscapes”, Susan Hefuna’s fourth solo exhibition at the gallery. Featuring new bronze sculptures and two series of drawings, Cityscapes examines the architecture, boundaries, and movement of a city through the artist’s intuitive drawingpractice. Long gradual walks are a fundamental preparatory exercise in the making of Susan Hefuna’s drawings. Always a keen observer, the artist stores sights, sounds, and perceptions that are then communicated through the act of drawing. In the Citysounds drawings, Hefuna first draws upon vellum with a single, unbroken gesture. The artist then repeats the process to create a second path on transparent paper, which rests atop the first drawing. In her Cityscapes series, Hefuna moves laterally across a sheet of cloth-like Japanese paper and leaves geometric shapes free of ink to reference the lights of New York City at night. Each drawing is a unique exercise in meditation that encapsulates the artist’s body moving through a city.
The Building sculptures translate Hefuna’s drawing techniques into cast bronze. Produced with the same intense concentration as her works on paper, Hefuna prepares the wax cast in one sitting and extends her drawings into a sculptural dimension. The abstract grid-like works range in size and reflect perspectival shifts that occur whilst moving throughout a city. Whether viewed individually like a single building or in a grouping like a city block, the appearance of the sculptures change dramatically from different vantage points.