Susan Hefuna

In the Heart of Another Country

My absence has been an exile from an exile.
Etel Adnan, In the Heart of the Heart of Another Country

In the Heart of Another Country explores the concept of home—of longing and belonging by artists who hail from multiple diasporas. The exhibition explores the ways that physical movement—how mobility across geographies, has shaped and contoured the frame of global art today. The artists, herein, have traversed migratory routes from South and West Asia, through Africa, and the Caribbean. Many now live in dispersed sites, far from where they first believed that they belonged.

Drawing on art from the international collection of Sharjah Art Foundation, UAE, In the Heart of Another Country showcases the work of more than 60 artists through over 140 artworks in all media, many of which have rarely, if ever, been seen outside of their original context. Recently restored installations are presented alongside contemporary acquisitions, which narrate a communal story of kinship amongst artists—one often developed against a backdrop of political turmoil and social unrest.

In the Heart of Another Country embodies the Sharjah Art Foundation Collection’s goal to present art that posits East-East and South-South alliances, forging a meeting point—a connective tissue that nurtures a polyphonous and inclusive art history.

In the Heart of Another Country is organised by Deichtorhallen Hamburg and Sharjah Art Foundation, UAE.
The exhibition is curated by Dr Omar Kholeif, Director of Collections and Senior Curator, Sharjah Art Foundation, UAE.