Susan Hefuna

Escape Attempts:
Curated by Kathy Battista

Shulamit Nazarian is pleased to announce the exhibition Escape Attempts, featuring works by Carmen Argote, Susan Hefuna, Cindy Hinant, Alex McQuilkin, Sarah Meyohas, Virginia Overton, and Naama Tsabar. Each artist uses formal elements associated with art of the 1960s, including simple geometric forms, reduced color palette, industrial materials, as well as a disavowal of overt personal expression and a symbiotic relationship to architecture. From paintings and photography to sculpture, installation and performance, these artists both respect and subvert the scope of canonical Minimal Art to create a new mash-up of formal rigor with the insertion of personal narrative, pop culture and contemporary feminism. Like those that came before, their practices attempt to escape the cultural hierarchies that they inherited, although acknowledging the importance of their predecessors.
The exhibition is organized by guest curator Kathy Battista, and derives from a chapter in her forthcoming book New York New Wave The Legacy of Feminist Art in Emerging Practice, to be published by IB Tauris in Spring 2017.